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Tenerife's Wines .

Since the beginning of time, Tenerife, land of prosperity, sea and volcanoes has been the meeting place of diverse cultures. This has been made possible by the obligatory stop-over for travellers to the New World. . It was these European travellers who, tired of waiting to dock in the slow and unsafe boats of the time, brought shoots from their best vineyards, which would soon flood the island shores. It was in the eighteen century when our wines started to to become famous, thank to the seafarers who crossed the ocean and started the significant demand for the exportation of canarian wine. An ever increasing business began which has converted the cultivation of vineyards and the exportation of wine into the main source of income on the islands.

They were never without a supply of canarian wine in the european courts or in the New World. Contemporary historians have started that after the signing of The Louisiana Armistice, the people present celebrated with "Canary".

There is evidence to support the fame of Canarian wine in the works of several famous writers such us shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott or Gongora. They all mention the quality of canarian wines.

It should be noted that it was vine shoots from The Canaries that introduced the cultivation of vineyards in most american countries and the subsequent production of wine.

Now a days, the island of Tenerife dedicates an area of 8.177 hectares exclusively to the cultivation of grapes of which the varieties of "White Listan" and "Black Listan" stands out. These produce some of the best wines.

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