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The Vineyards .

The Valleoro wine cellar has 120 hectares of private vineyard situated in the Orotava Valley. It is an ideal place for grape cultivation, as during the the day the temperature is a mild 25ºC and at night the temperature tends to cool. The land used for vineyard is between 400 to 700 metres above sea level and is of volcanic origin and clay like. The rain guage detects 500 litres per square metre. All the forementioned features plus the mild trade winds secure the humidity needed in the zone for ideal vineyard conditions.

The wines created by the ValleOro Wine cellar have special Characteristics, which distinguish them for other wines. This is due to the unique Canarian grapes used, such as White Listan, Pedro Ximenez, Malvasia, Verdello and Gual, used to produce white wines, and Black Listan, Tintilla and Negramol used for red wines.

  Carretera General de la Orotava-Los Realejos, km. 4,5 - 38315, La Perdoma, La Orotava, Tenerife.
Tel: (+34) 922 308031 - (+34) 922 308600 - Fax: (+34) 922 308233