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Gran Tehyda Tinto Selección.

Prepared with black Listán of grapes proceeding from the Vale of The Orotava. The grape, despalillada and squeezed, has remained in fermentation for ten days in contact with the skins. After this period of time the descube of the wine has been realized going on to deposits of conservation.

Later it has remained for one year in casks of American oak of 220 new liters. Then has been stabilized and bottled, remaining in bottle for one year up to his exit to the market.

At sight red color is clean, brilliant, a ruby with some violet tone. In nose the wood is integrated well to the wine, with aromas of pepper and black fruits, minerals and fruity tones, very tastily.



Gran Tehyda Tinto Joven.

This wine is produced with Black Listán. It is produced in the lowlands of the valley (300-400 m.).

Its bouquet is characteristic of the variety, with fruity and mineral tones. Its intense red colour with darker undertones is a reflection of its youth.

On tasting it, one can appreciate its varied characteristics, which are well structured and long lasting. It is bottled in April and improves greatly with time.


Gran Tehyda Maceración Carbónica.

After the selective harvest of the Black listán variety from the higher midlands of the Orotava Valley (500-600 m.), the wine is created , but first it has to undergo the strict process known as carbonic soaking. After whole whole wreaths of grapes have been incubated in a carbonic atmosphere for the duration of ten day, then squashed in a special press and finally fermented, we see the result: an intense red wine. In its characteristic bouquet the presence of berries and flowers such as jasmine stand out.

It has a fruity texture and particular character due to the system of production used.


Gran Tehyda Rosado.

100% of this wine is made up of Black Listán. It is cultivated in the midlands of the Orotava Valley (400 m.).

Leading the vanguard of Rosé wines, one should note its rich strawberry colour with burgundy undertones. Its taste is similar to its aroma. Its freshness, structure and great character differenciateit from all other rosé wines.


Gran Tehyda Blanco Seco.

100% of this wine is made up of White Listán. It is cultivatedin the highlands of the valley (600m.). Its pale-yellow corn colour and fruity, aromatic bouquet is characteristic of this variety of grape. Its texture is fresh, reminding us of its aromatic qualities. It is bottled at the beginning of December as a young wine.


Gran Tehyda Blanco Afrutado.

Elaborated from Listan Blanc grapes from Palo Blanco vineyards in the borough of Los Realejos.

The graped are completely stemmed for procesing, which uses a gradual pressing process that only extracts the flower must. Static draining and very slow fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18ºC, which is stopped before completion with filtration to leave residual sugar. Cold tartaric stabilisation and bottled after filtering with a sterilising membrane.


Valleoro Tinto Tradición.

Red wine of upper intermediate intensity of nice red blue with cold color that denotes his youth.

In nose it presents a high intensity where they emphasize from entry the tones varietales from Listán Negro, that is to say, you notice spices and minerals mixed with aromas of red fruit, all of them wrapped in a few notes of very agreeable new wood.

Valleoro Blanco Tradición.

The zone known as Piñera is the one used exclusively for the cultivation of White Listán grapes used for the production of this wine.

Just as with the rest of the Valleoro wines this is also 100% harvested.

Its is left to soak for 20 hours at a controlled temperature of 15ºC. Afterwards it is pressed but only the juice derived from the flower is used and is cleaned by gravity.

The process of fermentation begins in steel vats and is then continued in American oak barrels until its decanting in February.

It is a pale yellow wine with corn like and green tones. In its aroma the fruity smells of the White Listan, the tropical fruit aromas and the toasted vanilla like aromas of the wood are perfectly balanced. Tasting it has a good structure and is energetic. It is tasty and long lasting.


Valleoro Tinto Joven.

Red wine of intense, clean and brilliant color, where the red tones are mixed with mallows and violets.

Intense nose of tones to red fruit mixed with the typical especiados of the variety (nail and pepper). In mouth it is wide, with good step and of long post-taste.

Valleoro Blanco Afrutado.

Pale yellow color with light greenish tonalities. The nose appears with a high intensity of fruit-bearing surrounding aromas and duces with light flavored with aniseed tones proceeding from the variety Listán Blanco.

In mouth it is wide and tasty, emphasizing his roundness and cool. Of long persistence in retronasal.

Valleoro Brut Reserva.

Prepared from chosen grapes of vineyards of the variety Listán Blanco of farms of the area of The Piñera in the municipality of The Realejos. This grape is vendimiada with a grade of a little minor ripeness of the normal thing since then a chaptalización and the second fermentation will suffer the wine. The grape despalilla and it is pressed softly up to a yield of 50 % spending then to a static desfangado the obtained must. Once I clean the must it ferments to controlled temperature of 15th C

Once the stabilized wine is proceeded to the 2nd fermentation in bottle where it produces to itself carbonic necessarily (bubbles), remaining this one in rest and in contact with the yeasts during a minimum of 9 months. Then it puts itself in desks where we achieve that the bodies of the yeasts fall down towards the neck of the bottle to be able to be frozen and extracted (degüelle) there is refilled the bottle and encorcha definitively.


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